Thank you for taking the time to learn about our sponsorship programs!

And for those of you we met at Twitchcon 2017, we are so grateful you spent time with our team at the booth! 😊

Changes to the normal procedure:

Due to the large amount of interest, we adjusted our sponsorship process. In order to successfully look at every applicant, we ask you to please fill out an additional form. Information for this form will be found at the end of this message!

Reminder of what we are looking for:

·       Positivity – essential. With so much salt in the space, we are very careful to only work with people who are positive in nature, meaningfully engaged with their community, and who are committed to being good care-takers and residents of the Twitch space as well as our brand, Madrinas Coffee!

·       Passionate about coffee - If not this, why are you here? Joking aside,

·       Deep connection between streamer and community (regardless of size)

·       Interest from streamer’s community in what we are doing (product and philosophy)

·       Willingness to function as an advocate and not a billboard – Any brand can buy ad space, we are asking for a deeper connection

What we offer/What to expect:

·       In 2017, we only offered partnerships, but now that we have seen how large and vibrant the twitch affiliate program has become, we are now building out an affiliate program to work along-side the progression to partnership with Twitch and with us.  

o   Partnership vs Affiliate vs Friend of the Brand

Partnerships involve a full brand integration into the channel and community. This is the most involved form of relationship, and filling these spots will continue to be highly-selective, as there will be far less of these than other forms of sponsorship.  Partnerships usually involve the following commitments

·       Channel-specific, branded landing page

·       Custom discount code for the given community, named with relevancy to their specific interests

·       Product and prize support

·       Monthly compensation (depending on terms worked out on a per-streamer basis)

·       Opportunity to grow with the success of the partnership (If the partner is generating significantly more than their cost for multiple months in a term, we will consider increasing compensation proportionally)

·       On stream play with our team

·       Inclusion of the Madrinas Coffee logo on channel

Affiliates are something we are actively developing for 2018 to stay in sync with the developments on the twitch platform. The details of what this involve are going to be finalized in December and the people who are selected for it will be going live in early 2018. (details coming soon!)

Friends of the brand are all the rest of the folks who love what we are doing and who we have a great connection with, but there is currently no direct way of working together. This includes all the mods and partner audience members that have gone that extra mile to help us grow the brand. There is no specific program for this level, but we wanted to communicate that we are going come up with some creative ways to thank you all in the coming months!

Next Steps

Since the amount of you interested is more than we anticipated, we are going to have to ask you to take a couple of extra steps to help us give the direct attention to your work that it deserves. We are going to include a link at the end of this document that will ask you to fill in a second form so we can keep all of the information in a database to help us check it off as we go through! Don’t be discouraged with requests for detailed information on your audience, as we have said before, that is not a final determinate factor in who we choose to work with! We just want to be able to have all of the data in one place to discover new trends and patterns from the community! Thanks for taking the time to fill out this second form! Finally, we are not going to be bringing on any new partners until 2018, but the process of deciding who is brought on begins now, so answer all the questions as best you can! We will be in contact with you if we feel that you are a good fit, there is no need to follow up! Just stay up to date with us on Twitter, and check your email for any information to be released and contact from us.

Thank you 


Please complete the form below

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Mailing Address for coffee, swag, and documents!
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