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About Madrinas Coffee


Madrinas Coffee promotes #coffee4fuel and positive vibes through badass fair trade, specialty coffee. We sell Fair Trade Iced Coffees and Fair Trade Organic Cold Brew Coffees - both brewed with specialty coffee sourced from high altitude growing zones in Colombia and Mexico. Our team of coffee-heads set out to merge the quality and function of specialty coffee with the accessibility of a grab and go beverage. We say death to energy drinks and soda and put our caffeinated powers to work making great coffee as accessible as the stuff that’s bad-for-you.  

Now available is Madrinas Coffee Micro Roast, our specialty whole bean coffee. We’re bringing some of the world’s best, rarest coffees direct to your door just days after roast, and weeks after harvest. Grind, Brew, and then use #Coffee4fuel to put Positive Vibes into the world. 

Our Team

If we’re not out hustling coffee, then you’ll find us burning off energy in our favorite forests and parks, exploring new paths and carving out new trails. For us, #Coffee4fuel is best used to power the days that start at the trailhead. We’re always looking for new places to explore and turn to our friends with the State Parks services & foundations for new discoveries. Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see where #Coffee4fuel takes us (Colombia, Mexico, Jamaica, Alaska…). 

Recycle-Do Good

People love great coffee. We sell great coffee. The result is thousands of people drink our canned coffees daily. It’s our responsibility to offset that impact by heavily communicating the importance of recycling. Over 1 billion aluminum cans are deposited in landfills every year. That’s crazy. Because aluminum cans are indefinitely recyclable. Aluminum cans are the most sustainable packaging used in the world today, but only if they are actually recycled. It’s up to us to drive that communication, and we do so by featuring our Re(bi)cycle Logo prominently on our packaging. Recycling is a no brainer – so do your part, RECYCLE DO GOOD. Contact us for your free Recycle Do Good sticker today!

Recycle and DO GOOD with Madrinas Coffee


FAIR TRADE iced Coffee

Our Fair Trade Iced Coffees are what started it all. Fantastic blends of specialty coffee with lowfat milk and cane sugar, it's coffee for those who fuel their day with a little sweetness and flavor. 


     Cafe Caramel
     Cafe Mocha
     Cafe Vanilla
     2X Dark Roast

Fair trade organic cold brew

Our Fair Trade Organic Cold Brews start with sustainably sourced coffees from Colombia and Mexico, certified Fair Trade and Organic. Crafted in small batches our Black and +Milk varieties are sessionable, smooth, less acidic and the perfect daily #coffee4fuel.



     Cold Brew Black Coffee
     Cold Brew + Milk Coffee

Micro Roast whole bean

Our Micro Roast Whole Bean coffees are some of the rarest and freshest specialty coffees on the market. We selected three coffees to best represent each growing region's unique flavor profile, and then one that combines them all.

If you're looking for something a little more limited, we are now creating custom roasts for some of the friends and communities we sponsor in the twitch and Youtube spaces! Stay tuned on our social media to find out more about these offerings! In the mean-time, if you want to try our main four roasts, links are found below!


     Africa Micro Roast
     Americas Micro Roast
     Pan Asia Micro Roast
     Pangaea Micro Roast


Use our store locator to find out where we are currently carried near you by clicking the button below!