“Eje Cafetero”


Coffee + family took me to the Coffee Triangle in Colombia. The “Eje Cafetero” covers the states of Caldas, Quindio, Risaralda and Valle de Cauca and produces one of the world’s best, most consistent coffee crops. Eje Cafetero is plush rainforest perfect for coffee plantations, and this regions coffee perfection is why Colombia is famous for its café. My ten day trek through the rainforest mountains and crystal clear waterfalls culminated in a day and half with my new friends Jorge and Pablo at Hacienda Guaybal, their 50 hectare coffee finca in Caldas. My Spanish sucks, but I speak enough to be blown away by the knowledge that these dudes had from a lifetime in the coffee game. After getting hands on picking coffee fruit we trekked the mountain slopes and looked down on the thousands of coffee plants below. Each pumping out the raw ingredient for what we love- pure Colombian Coffee. The trip was a blur of “Tinto” (small cups of lightly caffeinated #coffee4fuel), coffee fruit, awesome new friends and introducing my kids to their Colombian family.

Colombia, I’ll see you again real soon. Es tiempo para mi Tinto!

- Justin Davis