#coffee4fuel | #coffee4gaming

We throw the phrase around, #coffee4fuel, on pretty much everything that we do here at Madrinas Coffee. Social media bios, press releases, and even our cans say “#coffee4fuel.” Not to belabor such a simple message, but the idea that you can grab a can of Madrinas coffee and slug that delicious bad boy for the energizing pick-me-up you need (and deserve) is meant to best illustrate what coffee is for your life - fuel. It’s what gets you out of bed and ready to attack the day – everyday – regardless of what it is you do. For some of us here at Madrinas Coffee, that #coffee4fuel is how we power our passion for gaming and e-sports.

“Eje Cafetero”

Coffee + family took me to the Coffee Triangle in Colombia. The “Eje Cafetero” covers the states of Caldas, Quindio, Risaralda and Valle de Cauca and produces one of the world’s best, most consistent coffee crops. Eje Cafetero is plush rainforest perfect for coffee plantations, and this regions coffee perfection is why Colombia is famous for its café.